Image of There's Always Hope: Heartbroken Series Book 1

There's Always Hope: Heartbroken Series Book 1


Note from the author: There's Always Hope, is the first book in the Heartbroken inter-related series. It is based on character's from the previously released series, Heartbreak U. You must read that series first. Each book in this inter-related series will read like a stand-alone.

Leaving the man you love is no easy feat, even when you know it’s the right thing to do. A man could have your whole world turning upside down or the earth crumbling beneath your soles yet, somehow, your heart would still yearn for him. Surely, the pain of a slow-splitting heart would ensue but what if Hope Washington could do it? What if this small town girl, who got pregnant by deceit, could finally get fed up and brave enough to leave? Could two souls flourish without their ordained counterparts? Could they find their way back? Would there always be Hope?

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