Born in Baltimore, Maryland, where she grew up on the outskirts of the city, Johnni Sherri has always been a true lover of the arts. As a natural born introvert, reading, writing and drawing had quickly become her favorite pass times. After graduating from East Carolina University with her bachelor's degree, she remained in North Carolina where she currently resides with her husband and three beautiful children. And although today, she works in corporate America, she still continues to make time for one of her greatest passions, writing.

After secretly writing many short stories over the years, in 2016 Johnni Sherri began penning her first novel just for amusement. On a whim, she entered a short story contest in 2017 and won her first publishing contract. With this opportunity she was able to release her very first five star series titled, Protect My Sister's Heart, which is set to be re-released in 2018. With her writing, she strives to detail the complex realities of young urban love in a way her readers can relate to. Her goal is always to paint a picture with every page, leaving booklovers yearning for more. However, fully understanding that Urban Fiction and African American Romance is not for everyone, she feels that if she can touch just one heart or mind with her work, than the late night typing is well worth it.

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